Death Penalty by Nathan Standard – 8th grader – St. John the Evangelist Catholic School

Death Penalty

Since the dawn of humanity there was crime, and since the dawn of crime there was the death penalty. Now is the time that we should break tradition. There is no logical, plausible, justifiable reason for anyone to receive the death penalty. No matter the crime, executing them doesn’t fix it. You just end up with more heartbroken families, but most of all more hatred. When the death sentence has carried out, all those responsible for the execution of death row inmates has acted impulsively. Why can’t we see that the death penalty isn’t working? A very wise friend once told me that repeating a single action, but expecting different results is a sign of insanity. Therefore, we as a society are insane. We slay dozens of people every year but the crimes continue. Do we try to find a long term fix? No. We take the easy way out and just condemn. Taking the life of these human beings has become so routine in our everyday lives, that we have become apathetic towards it. We should be wiser, more mature, than this. Instead of seeking the root of the problem, we treat the symptoms, but it still lingers in our society, waiting to strike again. What has happened to us? We have become the very problem we have been trying to fix with such innumerable executions. The greatest mercy that a human can possibly have is to forgive someone who has greatly wronged them and thus to spare the person’s life. Not only that, but it gives that person a chance to start over, and to make better choices. In fact, that person is very likely to be touched by your action to the point where that person will give up crime and choose to devote his or herself to love and kindness. This wondrous act of compassion may be hard, but it shows an amazing amount of strength, courage, and maturity that is infinitely greater than the guilt you would have if the person were executed. Also the death penalty wastes a ton of money that would be better spent elsewhere like the police and fire departments. Additionally we can rely ever be sure whether the accused actually committed the crimes. We may end up killing the wrong person, and the murder of the innocent is never a morally right thing. Stop fooling yourself. The death penalty isn’t working. It will never work.

Nathan Standard

8th grader – St. John the Evangelist Catholic School

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